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Questions You Must Ask Before Applying for Merchant Funding Solutions

Written By fani cantik on Monday, January 27, 2014 | 6:00 PM

There is no doubt to the fact that almost all small businesses are always looking for different types of merchant funding solutions regularly. One of the types, which have expanded notably in the recent past for small businesses, is the cash advance loan.

Technically, a cash advance is not a conventional type of loan. It is an amount offered to the business owners considering a specific amount of future credit/debit card sales generated by their business. Thanks to the quick process for approval involved over here and virtually an on-the-spot accessibility to the borrowed funding amount, they have actually turned out to be quite a thing amongst the best merchant funding solutions (available in the market) for the majority of small business owners.

Initially, cash advance loans were expensive to manage.
With competitions coming in, things began to turn around and currently, the expenditures involved have curbed down notably. However, there are fine prints and interest rates (high compared with conventional loans) on such sorts of merchant funding solutions that make them a choice, which calls for a cautious decision. Have a look at the questions below, which you ought to ask yourself, before choosing such alternatives:

Has the search been done thoroughly?

Once you have decided that you wish to opt for small business cash advance, the first thing to do is to make sure that you take it from the right bunch of people. There are numerous cash advance service providers present in the market. However, only a handful of them provide you with ideal solution. Most non-reliable lenders generally involve themselves in aggressive advertising projects to lure small business owners. Entrepreneur should not succumb to such campaigns and deal with a reputable cash advance provider only.

Do you make sufficient profit to cover interests?

It is not a concealed reality that local business cash advance loans are a costly affair. You need to understand that even if you have checked out the small print on the deal document, it is extremely unexpected that you will have the ability to prevent yourself from paying a great deal of money while repaying interests. This is where you should know the amount, which you make, to be ensured of how soon your dues will be over. You will also prevent yourself from paying a great deal of interest rates.

Is there a brief business cycle in position?

A lot of cash advance offers come with a brief repayment period. If you are stuck in such schemes, there are possibilities that your firm's card receipts will be directed to pay off the loan and not for covering necessary business expenses.

Is this going to be a one-time affair for you?

Another thing, which you should be bothered about before applying for such merchant funding solutions, is that, "Will this be a one-time affair?" or "Will you continue to borrow much more, even though you have the first one still standing in your account?" Many cash advance lenders prepare to expand more helping hands to keep you with them for a longer term. Through this, they make you aid them in generating income.


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